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*The Walking Dead game jam honorable mention

Held up in a cabin, survive as long as you can while keeping your party from tearing each other apart. Order people to scavenge, treat injuries, repair defenses, and quarantine the infected. Divvy out items and food to those deserving. Even with attackers at your door, there's always someone worse.

Left click on a person = Drag him or her to an area on the map to perform a task
Left click on an item = Give item to person to add to his or her inventory.
Right click on a person = View their current stats and items.
Right click on a room = View the room's

Gather Items button organizes any unused items in the area.
View Results = Shows events that happened for the day.
Advance Day = Advances the day ahead.
Eat = Restore hunger.
Medical = Help people rest in the Treat room.
Notice = To find items or watch for attacks in the Watch and Scavenge areas.
Fight = If a person needs to defend him or herself from an attack or to attack someone.
Chore = Fix defenses an create food in the Repair and Cook rooms.

While dragging a person, the lines indicate how much hate that person has with each other person in the group. The more red a room is, the more chance a fight will break out. Try to avoid grouping up many people, or people who really hate each other, in the same room.

Quarantine Room = Isolate people so they can't spread an infection
Rest Room = Restores stamina
Lockup Room = Imprison people while increasing tension (hate towards other people)
Treat Room = Improves persons resting stamina, injury, and infection
Cook Room = Creates food to eat
Repair Room = Repairs your defenses (chance of being attacked from the outside)
Common Room Room = An area with a chance to reduce tension between everyone inside
Watch Room = Reduces the chance of being attacked
Scavenge Room = Chance to find food, tools, weapons, or medical supplies. High chance of being attacked.